Boom Beach Tips

Game last updated on September 4, 2015

There are 4 main currencies in Boom Beach:

  • gold
  • wood
  • diamonds
  • time

With diamonds you can buy gold, wood or time. That’s why diamonds are most valuable. Ingame purchasing allows you to instantly get more diamonds.

Getting diamonds for free

Whenever you get some achievements you unlock some amount of diamonds. Also, you’ll find diamonds in treasure boxes on the map.

Getting wood for free

It’s simple but a lot of new players doesn’t know about this- you can cut the woods. Simply mark the area with a tree and cut it.

How to play without paying with real money?

So, you want to seriously play but wouldn’t like to pay real cash for diamonds. There is a way, it will just take more time. Be sure to log in to game frequently so you can always build or upgrade something. You will need more time because you won’t have plenty of diamonds.


Let us know if you have some tips.

Enjoy this great game 🙂

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